Billy Corgan doesn't exist


I like some of their songs. 1979, Cherub Rock, Tonight Tonight, Perfect, Today, Ava Adore, That’s the Way My Love Is and some others are really solid. Shame that Billy Corgan has quite an annoying voice.


No. Both bands evolved on different lanes. By the way, Garbage got their fair share of acclaim in the '90s. Their first 2 albums are masterpieces.


Wtf is this thread


A place to discover beautiful music!


What kind of music is it


An educational service. You only THINK you hate latter day pumpkins tunes because your mind has been poisoned against Billy by the fake news media. This thread is the antidote to their poison, embrace the true faith.


He looks like a hungry Yule Brenner


I have a bald head/ My name’s not Yul Brynner/ And I once appeared on Info Wars!



This thread has metastasized and will soon consume the internet as we know it.


unlike range life that pop is completely justified, Corgan made a big deal when pavement reformed along the lines of ‘who is the sell out now playing old hits’ and now he is doing it sans d’arcy


(I’ve never really understood how the ref in ‘Range Life’ is considered a dig on the Pumpkins, specifically tbh. Not a sincere one, anyway, like I don’t see how it could be interpreted as an insult)


I’ve never specifically understood it either (the nature kids part as an insult), but his tone in the “I could really give a fuck” part seems to suggest it wasn’t a compliment.


I do find it strange though how so many people who barely care about the band are so invested in whether or not D’arcy is involved.

Comparing it to the Afghan Whigs reunion is interesting to me. They didn’t bring back Rick McCollum, who had a very signature sound and played a much greater role in the band than James and D’arcy did. It’s just Greg Dulli and John Curly and other musicians. And it’s been a really successful reunion with no one attacking Dulli for the lack of McCollum.

Nice to see Zwan get a little bit of praise though.


If “Settle Down” had been released by The New Pornographers instead of Zwan, it would have been considered one of the greatest singles of the decade.


Tbf, McCollum was on the original reunion tour when they just played old stuff, but then Dulli fired him for being unreliable when they started recording new material.


I don’t know a huge amount about Afghan Whigs but it’s probably because they’re nowhere near as famous, and weren’t getting back together for a lucrative tour in huge arenas because all their fans had lost interest in a new version of the band with all different members?


Thoughts on their new track?

I’ve not heard it


Radiohead have a new track?


I had no idea it was out - is it going to be on the album or is it a one-off? If it’s the former I’ll just wait until the full release because I’m nuts.