Billy Corgan doesn't exist


remember Billy Corgan’s short-lived band with Jim Bowen

Super Smashing Great Pumpkins


My thoughts are that it’s not out yet.


Can’t watch it here


Think they are doing 3 eps which in Corgan’s world means this is probably it


yeah it’s blocked in the UK as it’s not Friday yet.


Solara is a bad name for a song, more of an ice lolly or suntan lotion name


Doesn’t seem to have s great reaction in the pumpkins Facebook group (and by that groups standards I’d just be a casual fan)


well going by the recent Arctic Monkey’s example, it could very well be one of the best things they’ve ever done then.


What was that?


Arctic Monkey’s release one of the best things they’ve ever done; fans have a tantrum about it being boring.

edit: i don’t mean on here. it was reasonably well received on here, i think. I don’t know. don’t really follow them myself.


Ah right, the pumpkins group are zealots though if they don’t like it it must be pretty bad


I’ve now heard it and it’s bad, very zeitgeist and basic, could do with a sprinkling of iha’s ebow magic. He sings in his new bad voice, and the melody is weird, like he is using some exotic scale in order to sound different but it just sounds a bit wrong rather than fresh


Can almost hear the sound of Iha looking at his iPhone


That’s disappointing to hear - I know it’s kind of counterintuitive, but I think the more ambitious the project he undertakes the more likely it’s going to be great. (Teargarden being an obvious exception, but I don’t know what was going on with him around that time - that seemed to be right around the peak new-age / religion phase, which was excruciating.) Come to think of it, gradual release of EPs was the Teargarden formula.

I wish he’d do a massive album and obsess over it for a couple of years.


I think I don’t, he has lost it in my opinion, he should go away let people forget about him and hopefully find some inspiration and come back (but leave the harmonizing with himself behind)


I’m still holding out hope, mostly on the strength of Oceania’s peaks. There was still magic there, Glissandra especially. Though come to think of it that was six years ago and equal to the time between Machina and Pisces coming out, so who knows. I’m not sure why the latter feels so much longer.

Some of the Ogilala material is giving me hope too. I think the only thing that will lead me to thinking he’s lost it is if he writes a song about how great and special fatherhood is.

I agree with you though, that’s probably his only shot at getting recognition at this point.


nothing means anything any more


it’s from 1995…


Oof, that new song is bloody dull.


Agree with all of this. It’s so shit. His voice is unlistenable and it harks back to Zeitgeist and even then it would be the worst song on Zeitgeist. Really, really terrible