Billy Corgan doesn't exist


Yeah it’s weird, I wasn’t even expecting it to be good but am surprised how bad it is, just nothing to it at all. Weird how basic it sounds, just one guitar sound no interesting textures, I’m not even convinced that is jimmy drumming


Shame as Ogilala had moments of greatness


Agreed. If you’ve got Jimmy Chamberlain drumming at least make it sound like you’ve got Jimmy Chamberlain drumming…


i think the production is the thing that’s most letting it down for me. and the guitars. also some of it is a bit rubbish there’s almost a decent song buried in there but it’s not put together into one.


Saw the artwork and knew this would be bad. But this is much worse than that


Agreed, agreed. Not the best. A couple of listens and it’s all a bit Foo Fighters with Corgan vocals. Just quite ordinary and uninspiring. And there’s lots of Pumpkins that I like a bunch.


Apparently it’s a leftover from 2014, which is encouraging from a musical standpoint (he’s rediscovered emotion since then, so maybe the rest of the songs will be good) but not encouraging at all from a Billy decision making standpoint. You get the band back together and the first thing you record and release is a song you threw away during your artistic low point? I’m really confused as to why he didn’t write something new.


No idea what you’re all talking about. This is fine, in a Zeitgeist way. Bass is way too low in the mix, and it’s not a so-good- it-will-blow-you-away kind of song, but it’s completely fine.


Should have re-recorded some machina 2 track, it would be new to most people and would be his grade a material, might have got the ball moving


I just caved and gave it a listen, I have mixed feelings. My first impression was that the second half was much better than the first and that it could be a grower. I’m just confused as to why he’d lead with this, it’s not something that’s going to get the public or critics excited. But then again, I thought Tarantula was a phenomenal “we’re back” song and the whole world seemed to disagree.


Honestly, if he’s just digging up old songs from the past decade, I think a properly recorded “As Rome Burns” would have been a great choice for a “we’re back and ready to do this” type song. No one’s heard it and it legitimately rocks and is exciting.


Cash car star would be my choice, the swagger of ‘we are an American band’ and ‘coming to your town’ would have made a good comeback, some of jimmys best drumming, closing the loop between now and original era


You’re last sentence is what I’m getting at. SP will never, NEVER be hip again. They will never, NEVER be as good as they were when they released [insert whichever is you’re favourite album]. Take away that expectation and you’ll enjoy it a lot more.


My expectations were very low, was still amazed by how bad and lazy this song is


I actually don’t mind this. Have been on quite a big corgz kick lately (partly due to this thread) though so maybe I’m brainwashed. People are saying it sounds like Zeitgeist but to me it’s a lot better than that.


Oh yeah, I agree, and I can definitely enjoy what he releases for what it is and without some kind of greater cultural significance. He seems to want that though, so it’s just confusing that he isn’t swinging for the fences or making a statement.


I’m just happy it’s not about strange lovers.


No one has mentioned how shite the drums sound…both in mixing and playing…some of the fills seem to be struggling to keep in time…


Shocking hiw many genuinely great songs only demoed/played live from even a year or so ago which would have been stronger than this…so bland.


The drumming sounds very stiff and amateurish