Billy Corgan doesn't exist


I woke up with Solara in my my head this morning, I think I’ve already come around on it. It’s certainly better than a lot of generic stuff that gets praised, the guy knows how to write a hook and hold your attention. I’m ready for more!



I mean, is it early Pumpkins? Of course not. And do I wish the production choices were better? Of course. But it rocks and it’s catchy.


It’s more that you were heavily implying that this song wasn’t generic and it’s easily the most generic song I’ve heard in months from any band I have any interest in following.


Actually this is the worst single Smashing Pumpkins have ever released?


I can see how it can be considered generic, maybe that wasn’t the right word choice for what I was comparing it to. It seems like every week there’s a band that gets praised and then I put on the album and it’s just kind of there.




Not heard that before

But it’s a better song simply because the bit between 30 odd seconds to 1minute ten sounds like the good Pumpkins. Nothing in the new song sounds like the good pumpkins, or a good band at all for that matter.


Oh yeah, it definitely doesn’t sound like classically good Pumpkins to me. I like it though for what it is. I’m really shocked that the AVClub likes it - they always give him crap about everything, and they said it sounds like it could fit on Mellon Collie. That’s absolutely baffling to me.



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Solara is a complete and utter turd of a song. Just an undeniably empty and pointless song. And I refuse to give it any credit for “rocking” because that’s literally the bare minimum a rock song should do.


I like the little “something ain’t right” melody but then he immediately undoes it with the awful “ayayayayay” bit.

The rest is very hard to remember.


Yeah the ayayaya bit is terrible, almost britpop


I’m really enjoying the arguments in the youtube comments though, so there’s that


Woah this is even worse than that perfect circle track about the fish.


I think my favorite youtube comment is “I don’t get it… why make a generic single when you have James back?” It’s so innocent.


Feel like we are due a thread name change


What band will James Iha destroy next!


he was in a perfect circle too?


Yeah, I think he joined right after 13th Step and is still in the band.