Billy Corgan & The Christmas Spirits


Since I have a 7 year old girl, I have been forced to become familiar with Swift over most of the last decade. I would have been prejudiced against her otherwise as I’m not generally going to listen to something so squarely placed in the realm of pop. In this case I was the one who had to learn something though, because she is a natural song writer and gifted in many ways. Had to overcome my bias and instinct to reject something so widely popular. I realized I would rather have my kid listening to someone like her who actually writes her own music, can play multiple instruments, and maintains an interest in her artistic integrity, than one of these label designed musical Frankenstein’s out there.

However as far as comparing her last decade to Billy’s…I’m not sure that is entirely fair. The last decade has been her at what is likely her artistic peak, filling out that sweet spot she morphed into when she left country behind. She has the furnace of youth still propelling her creative energies, and the adoration of legions to inspire her. Billy is in an entirely different stage in his career and his life. He is trying to find ways to add meaningfully to an extremely developed body of work, and grappling with middle age and declining energies, like we all do. He basically already climbed the mountain that Swift is now enjoying the view from the peak of.


Because he is emperor palpatine


It’s here! Smashing Pumpkins @ Wembley day!


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If, yes, are you excited?

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Despite all my rage I have not come across a ticket in my budget (£20)



@mods people are not respecting the survey routing logic here


Great to see such a strong DiS turnout too!


Plenty of people with spare tickets but none of them can actually make it to the gig and you need to have ID to collect them.


Two seats up on twickets right now for £30 each.

No idea how that works with the ID thing tho.


One of the worst live bands I’ve ever seen. They’re on for 3 hours tonight. Fuck watching that miserable prick for that long.


In the big town tonight, can’t wait for the gig. Avoiding the support though.

… Also it’s not this gig, which having never seen them, is a shame. I am looking forward to seeing them one day. Fancy doing Reading fest again, Palpy and the gang?


I am not listening to the smashing pumpkins :frowning:


me neither! :slight_smile:


did enjoy listening to the first four tracks of mellon collie the other day though


This is going to come as a shock, but I think they’re easily the greatest live band of all time, and I think I feel more strongly about that than even on record. Seeing them live (and even hearing the bootlegs) has honestly ruined seeing other bands live for me. The shows were so aggressive and intense (his use of screaming at their peak was insane), and there were so many times where you could feel, hear, and even visibly see something completely come over him to the point where it felt like he was playing and singing solely to demolish everyone there and as a fuck you to everyone who wronged him. I’ve never seen anything else like it. It’s like he was channeling and releasing a lifetime of frustration. They used to have great stage banter too, and were super self-deprecating and self-aware.

I can understand why it’s not for everyone and why it’s polarizing though.

I have no idea if it’s still like that these days. From what I understand, no, but still better than most other bands and great in a different way.


I actually had a nightmare two nights ago that I went to the show, and instead of performing the “intoxicated with the madness…” verse of Zero in the classic deranged-screaming way, they quietly faded out. I’d never been so relieved to wake up!


I was very disappointed when I saw them. Corgan was miserable and moaned all night about people not buying his music anymore. He failed to realise he was playing in front of over 10,000 people all of which had paid £35 to see them. I was with a mate who had seen them before and he came out saying that was the worst gig he’d been to after saying for weeks that the previous time he’d seen them was in his top 3 gigs.


I’m in. £30 for standing off someone outside about 5 mins before they came on


What tour was that? I heard that things got pretty shakey like that on one of them in recent years.

I saw them twice in 2000, twice in 2007, and three times in 2008 and loved them all (in one of the 2008 ones he got really pissed at the audience, but rightfully so). One of my biggest regrets is not seeing them on the Mellon Collie tour after I discovered them. The live shows of the original run were ridiculous, even the ones without Jimmy.