Billy Corgan's Naked Shapeshifter


Jawbox were the best band on Dischord, but they didn’t even release their best album until they signed to Atlantic



The Pumpkins, but all newspapers would report Nirvana shut them out.


You’re not scoring past Krist.


thinking about it, not sure why either Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins were bothering to try and do something Mission of Burma had already perfected a decade earlier before gracefully retiring.


(I quite like one bit of a Creed song)


Ignoring Fugazi I’d go along with this


I’ll admit to this too, including having owned and liked the albums when they came out.

He is a ridiculous man and I’ll always fondly remember that VH1 clip of his father grudgingly admitting to liking “My Own Prison” only because his son is blaming himself, and then going on to explain the already literal lyrics by basically repeating them (I hope I’m not remembering this incorrectly).


Sounds like something yer man from Creed in Chains would say/do



Getting ever so slightly dull now mate


ah, this thread has truly been the blurst of times :joy:


ooh it’s picking up!


This whole thread:


Thursday are a better band than Fugazi


Ob-la-di ob-la-da is a song I enjoy


Hmmmm claiming that The Beatles are shit is not helping to dispel the perception that us Smashing Pumpkins fans are adult babies who refuse to grow up :grimacing:


It’s fine.

John Lennon is a cartoon villain whose bad behaviour early in his life cancels out any of his determination to be a better person in the second half.

While Corgan has a whole heap of good reasons why he has been a prick and his early life when he didn’t seem so bad in a band is more important than his later life when he seems to have become a complete misanthropic bastard?


I think John Lennon is a massive prick by the way, I just think Corgan seems to be at least as much of a prick but while Lennon’s public politics were very progressive, Corgan’s seem highly dubious so I really just think it’s rich to imply they are two equal pricks


I like the Beatles but I don’t like the idea that they (or anyone) is music for adults while the Pumpkins are music for children.

I think the themes in Corgan’s lyrics (original run, obviously) are very much universal and are applicable to adulthood as well. We just don’t necessarily want to admit that to ourselves.


Just curious, what don’t you like about Alice in Chains? I’m someone who likes them but as time has gone on I’ve come to notice that their lyrics at times can be a bit “angry kid trying to write a poem for a school assignment” in nature and it ruins it for me sometimes.

I’ll always love Jar of Flies though - the atmosphere of Rotten Apple, the sadness of Nutshell, those strange floating guitar leads in I Stay Away, and everything about No Excuses which to me is a perfect song.