Billy Corgan's Naked Shapeshifter


I’ve not said they have, but it is very apparent that the idea of someone not liking the Beatles isn’t treated as credible. It is a massive thread with people being humorously dismissive of bands they don’t like but when it comes to the Beatles its like that is crossing the line, it’s like ‘come on now you’ve had your fun you must like the Beatles’


The sacred cows point, people are being just as dismissive of other bands, but even after the obviously joking tone of the thread people are coming in and saying hating the Beatles is something a 14 year old would do etc it may not be from people who are super fans but it is still holding up this idea that the Beatles must be liked/respect to a certain degree hence ‘sacred cow’


Progressive tax exile


Clash > Pistols people are the types who would also claim that The Verve > Elastica, Arcade Fire > The Rapture, or Oranges > Apples.


But what about the people who aren’t pretending, and who know​:interrobang:️ :wink:



Did I say lost grunge classic? Sorry, I meant lost post-grebo classic.

Just listened to it and I still love it. And, with it being 92, there is a sprinkling of guitar bits that are clearly influenced by American bands of that era. And Ian Dench, their main writer and guitarist, has ended up being a right industry bod, so not just a flash in the pan.

While I’m here, I’ll also mention that I’ve remembered that Th Faith Healers were the band Sonic Youth could have been if they’d have channeled all that harsh noise into some songs.

And Cay > Nirvana.


Who would of thought someone could get so much mileage out of a one hit wonder








No it ain’t.


Dino Jr are another that have never clicked with me in the way I expected. Still feel like I’m missing something.


Me too. Only You’re Living All Over Me has, the rest feels pretty bland to me.


Was just in HMV and they were playing Smashing Pumpkins. They must have been reading this thread, there’s no other reason I can think of that they’d have chosen to play them.


It’s no Bakesale though


Mudhoney > Dinosaur Jnr


As someone who clearly loves a good guitar solo, this really surprises me to hear.

Listen to Get Me then report back…

(maybe try and find a better quality version than that one I linked though…!)


Queen are better than all theae bands


Probably my favourite Letterman performance, J is going wild by his standards.


You Know You’re right is Nirvanas best song


Mudhoney’s 1998 classic Tomorrow Hit Today would be regarded as the definitive grunge album had it been released in 1993. Contains the best grunge song that references ABBA and the best grunge song to reference buzzards and shrike.


Is the hottest take in this thread the massive pumpkins fan who won’t look into the Beatles… despite them (and john Lennon in particular) being a massive influence on Billy Corgan :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: :man_shrugging:

Don’t care. I’m off to listen to music that is relevant.