Billy Corgan's Naked Shapeshifter


Smashing Pumpkins absolutely could not have existed without Queen.




that’s… actually probably true. I know Billy is a massive Cheap Trick mark (see chorus of ‘Cherub Rock’) so it’s definitely within his wheelhouse


JAMC > Joy Division > BRMC > Interpol


Vines >>> Nirvana


lol, not touching that one.


Probably the coolest take of the lot in here TBF


you should see what colour I’ve turned from it.


Or maybe they would be better


A pretty hot take, that.

Anthology was screened in 95 and was a Big Deal. New singles Free As A Bird and Real Love came out in 95 and 96. Oasis spaffed about them in every interview and the was a broader connection with 60s groups and Britpop. “1” came out in 2000. The Beatles were riding high in the late 90s.




My Dad is Dead>>>>>Joy Division>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Interpol


I would like to live in the timeline where none of their influences existed so I could experience them in their most singular form


enjoying this “alternate universe” strand that’s running through this beautiful thread


I think it stops being art then, but sure


I see what you mean but as a (young) teenager in the 90s the 60s/70s seemed utterly incomprehensible. Might as well been a different planet.

The 80s, you could just about figure out and I got into that culture more than 90s, but 60s and 70s are still a bit of a headfuck for me as it seems so unfathomable.


To me they were always in the same category as the monkees or the wombles


The Wiggles were more pioneering and original than every single artist published in the NME after 2002.