Billy Corgan's Naked Shapeshifter


When are we going to address the issue of Cyclefly being the most underrated band of all time?


Icky Mettle is the best 90s guitar album, not even really kidding.


Bee Thousand?


Yes but tbf I barely consider it a guitar album given how fuzzed out it is. Could have been recorded on basically anything.


I was so into it at the time, although i listened to it before seeing them last year and it holds up. Great interludes and works really well as a whole piece. Needs more blank tracks though. The





I haven’t read this


Was Issues the one they did with Skrillex?


Wilt dont get the credit they deserve do they?!


forever in the shadow of kerbdog


Walking home tonight, the Manic Street Preachers came up, uninvited, on a Spotify random play. And it occurred to me how SP are America’s version of MSP.


Hybrid Theory sold 30million copies doe


So it’s 3x better than Mellon Colie reet?


Great album but it’s too long m8. A few forgettable tracks they should have binned

Clearly only their 4th best



(Genuinely don’t think there’s a bad song on it.)


US sales only but yeah it got to 11M


10% greater than mellon


Time to be unpopular x2:


2nd best, only after Zeitgeist