Billy Corgan's Naked Shapeshifter


hahaha FUCK that is spot on


Always enjoyed this fella’s Pixies impression on Adam & Joe


It’s not so much a parody, more of a mash-up. The first half of it is ‘I’ve Been Tired’, most of the rest of it culled from Come on Pilgrim.


It’s not a parody even though Morris has made up some funny lyrics that humorously play on Pixies tropes while accurately mimicking their music for a comedic bit on his radio comedy show? Is this another bizarre hot take?


Best of the thread imho.


:snowflake:Deactivate hot take thread status :snowflake:

Fucking hell. That is absolutely incredible. Very possibly the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Have never heard of Kid Cudi and had to check is not a parody. Seems not. Or is it? Feel like I don’t know what’s real any more. So, so bad. :open_mouth:

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Pixies basically did write that song.


Did Chris Morris do any more of these? This and the Pulp one are both great.


It is not a parody. Actually even includes demos of most the songs which are actually worse. It is catergorically the single worst album ive evere listened to



The Pumpkins must be well chuffed, this could really big them into the big leagues.

Fair play to the lads!


That song was totally fine though :man_shrugging:


serious posts only please


Just watched a couple of incredulous YouTube reviews. Lovely stuff.


‘REM’ singing in praise of whale meat (“Shiny, flappy, meaty creature”)


I seem to vaguely recall “uzi lover” by Fur Q. I’m not going to Google as I can’t imagine it has aged well…


Kid Cudi is great is one of my favourite ever songs


If we’re going to only have serious posts, that would cut down the size of this thread from 1117 (at time of writing) to about 15.


I mean the song is a great send up of that style of rap song where you resurrect an old 80s hit chorus for your hook…but it also features him in blackface so…erm… :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m not convinced. There’s been more retconning than a Marvel Universe reboot going on here :wink: