Billy Corgan's wrestling alliance is on TV

I’ll buuuurrn my eeeyyess oooouuuttt

Is that not an oasis lyric

I keep typing and then deleting replies to this thread because i can’t quite find the right tone. Also looking back on some of my posts I come across as quite antagonistic and fairly snarky…

I just thought that a few recent posts were along the lines of wanting the smashing pumpkins to be worthy of being a respected part of the musical canon. Just doesn’t sit right given earlier posts about dismissing the musical canon as a concept and rubbishing the beatles. But then it apparently mirrors Billy’s own attitude I guess - it’s a stupid club for dicks but I want to be part of it.

Anyway, really didn’t want to dredge up those earlier hot-take laden posts upthread but I just thought that this was worth highlighting.

Peace and love, fellow music fans.


Not read this thread for a long time. Surprised it’s still going to be fair. Thought we would’ve all agreed Corgan is a cunt and be done with it. Can we try and do that?

Yeah that is a fair point, I have argued that people shouldn’t have to have reverence towards the canon if they don’t rate a band, never liked the idea you have to acknowledge the Beatles were great and better than bands I like more even though none of their songs do anything for me, still if the canon is there I am surprised the pumpkins aren’t in it is what I’m saying, and think it is the official canonical verdict that they are a bit of a joke that puts many who woukd probably like them off (not everyone, some just don’t like then as established), so it’s not that inconsistent, all part of anti canon view, and if the pumpkins were in it I’d still argue people shouldn’t have to rate them if say they think say creed or Martha were better bands


I think your mistake here is in thinking that this is a Smashing Pumpkins thread. Don’t think it’s ever really been that, it’s a ‘is Billy treated unfairly and does this cause an unfair prejudice against his music?’ thread. And given that fact you need people on the ‘no’ side just as much as people on the ‘yes’.

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I think your mistake here is defining the thread by the only strand of it that you are engaging in, it is a rolling general smashing pumpkins thread, past and present where many things are discussed

I think it is a folly to expect it to be solely the rolling SP thread given it was originally a Nirvana vs Smashing Pumpkins thread which gave rise to an ‘are SP any good?’ conversation

If this had been started as ‘Rolling Smashing Pumpkins Thread’ I and I’d guess many others would probably never have clicked in here ever. But it’s difficult to change the tone of a thread midway through once a tone has been established and people have participated on that basis, and decide that the thread is actually something else now and that anyone still treating it the old way is participating in bad faith.

Dunno, think even the hot take era of this thread is several thousand posts ago now (I remember when 1979 posts was a milestone and the thread was already in its current phase at that point), the nirvana part even further away, it is effective a rolling pumpkins thread at this point with a particular focus on stupid stuff corgan has said recently, just don’t think it is constructive to keep going over old ground when neither side is going to change their mind, and given it is a Pumpkins thread (based on the vast majority of the thread titles) it is the more critical side that should back off

I think I’m in that rare venn diagram intersection of loving Pavement and Smashing Pumpkins and liking Stone Temple Pilots too (I love a few songs, like a few others and can leave quite a few more).

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Stolen form Facebook


Stone Temple Pilots

They are elegant bachelors after all.

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I’m in that set of people too. I’m shocked at how little discussion there is about Stone Temple Pilots here, they were amazing.

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Might be wrong but I don’t think they were ever much of a thing in the UK.

(Or if they were, it was pre-Britpop and the demographic here doesn’t really skew that way.)

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That could be it, here in the US they were pretty big and constantly unfairly maligned as a Pearl Jam knock off.

I think they’d be remembered more fondly if Weiland wasn’t such an abysmal lyric writer. ‘Plush’ is a cracker of a song but it has the worst chorus ever penned by man or machine:

Where you going for tomorrow?
Where you goin’ with the mask I found?
And I feel, and I feel
When the dogs begin to smell her
Will she smell alone?

'The fuck you talking 'bout Scott?

I seem to remember that album with the star on the front (No.4 or something?) being big for about a week but that’s about it.


And If a tree falls in the woods and no-one’s there to hear it?

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I can only assume that ‘smelling alone’ is like when I was single and living alone and smelled of wine, doritos and shame.

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