Billy Idol


mint isn’t he


Rebel Yell is an absolute fucking tune and anyone who disagrees is a fucking muppet.



Unpopular opinion from me: Hot in the City is easily his best song.






I used to live down the road from his dad - true story…


Full on snarl mode. Not sure about lip synching the echoing bits though.



my pal read his autobiography and said there were a lot of references to him fisting groupies or some bollocks

edit: also yeah Rebel Yell is great but that album is full of crap


well he did make

which is all about climbing on his lemon tree


Love Mr Stevens guitar work on this… :metal:


Saw this a few years after it came out and the video made me break into a sweat - think this is where puberty kicked in for me :crazy_face:


13 replies in and no sign of this banger yet! Good lord


too obvious!


The full 8 minute version is a true behemoth


He’s playing Brixton Academy this very evening :open_mouth: If I were free and in the area I would deffo go largely as a result of this thread…




Always liked Carter USM’s version of King Rocker.


would just like to say, I fucking LOVE Billy Idol