Bin Bags

Do you meticulously check their thickness and capacity before you buy or do you just choose the cheapest ones willy-nilly? My latest ones are far too big for the bin.

Tell me stories about bin bags from your lives.

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A pack of 20 from Sainsbury’s is my go to. I recognise the label and so the quality.

No euphemism meant but thickness over length always.

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I like a drawstring. That’s about the extent of my chat.


This went better than expected

Our bin is a weird shape. The landlord has left some bags that fit it perfectly but once we run out of them it will be ANARCHY.

Can I just shock you? We put black garden sacks in the kitchen bin cos they’re bigger.

Buy them from Wilkos. Reasonably strong and not too expensive.

In Nijmegen you can only use council issued bin bags which cost about €1 each to try and discourage creating unnecessary waste, so I use those.