Bin juice

Bin juice
Kick off your Sunday shoes.

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There was a guy in my hometown people called Bin Juice

Fucked up calling your kid that if your surname is juice


Please tag this thread #binweek

Yeah, makes people think of 911

Chopper, Sheepo, Bin Juice all out on the town

I went to school with someone who had the surname Finnie.

I said his surname was Binnie and told him this was because he lived in a bin.

Wish I was still as witty as I was as a child.


Never forget

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How do I do that?

@tilty ?

You need to tag @tilty

once worked with a guy who was named bin bag because he smelled like a bin. I did not participate in this as it felt cruel at the time and still does. He did smell bad though.

Would you drink a pint of bin juice for £1m?

  • Yes

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Don’t reckon it would be physically possible for me.

I’ll lend you a pint glass

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Sippin’ on bin and juice


Sorted. Vegans are laughing all the way to the bank on this, basically £1m to drink a pint of craft beer.

Maybe we’re related

Bin Juice? Brightest in his year at RADA. Trod out one of the best Henry the V’s this guy has ever seen, until one day he stumbles on to the screen, clutching his guts in a laxatives advert, BANG! Goodnight, sweetheart.

Is this what 50 Cent’s debut album was about?