Bin Story

Bin day is usually Wednesday, but it was yesterday for the bank holidays. But get this, this week’s is Friday, and the week after its Thursday. Madness!

Fucking hell. Sounds like you are on top of it but please stay vigilant.

I saw the houses on the other side of the road having their bins collected on nye, so chucked mine out to be safe. Obviously mine were done until yesterday, but the bins were out. Better safe than having uncollected bins, as my mum used to say

Justin Casabincas

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Do Pixar know about this?

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Had a similar issue. Successful bin collection though. Back of the net

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To insbinity…and beyond!


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Dude, binfinity. Binfinity


Quick update for you: bins not collected but successfully panicked a few other neighbours into getting theirs out.

Chalking this up as a victory for common sense, decency and me.

Stuart Binny