This is a thread about binbags and all things related bins, inspired by the fact I feel like I’m generating way too much rubbish at the moment. Between normal refuse and recycling I can generate between 3 and 5 bags of rubbish a week (50L bag). How’s that happening? There’s just me!

How many binbags a week r u using?

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2 - but one is just for the surprisingly heavy cat litter.

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They come in all sorts of sizes and varieties these days

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We have a small bin and a child but, I reckon we get through about 4/5x20L per week never even thought about it tbf. Luckily the cat is not an indoor toilet user likes the fresh air on his arse. Also Mrs Roughyed is the recycling stasi might even be less than 4.

Get through shit loads of cardboard.

Why aren’t they biodegradable? Why isn’t that a thing in supermarkets and corner shops not just eco shops. Really stresses me out tbh lads


Tend to just keep the lid off the bin and keep piling stuff in/on it until I hear the mice stractching around at night and reluctantly empty it.

too expensive for most people to care

Someone once told me that most of those biodegradable bags, particularly the co-op ones, don’t work. Something about them not breaking down quick enough.

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One of my housemates bought DIY disposal bags the other day instead of bin bags.

They have pictures of saws on them

“Oh what’s that you’ve got there, mate?”
“What this? Oh this is just a bag that I put in my bin”
“Why do you do that?”
“To keep the rubbish in”
“But isn’t the rubbish in… the bin?”
“Yeah but this helps to keep the bin clean”
“Oh right, bit weird?”
“Not at all, you wait, these things are going to be fucking huge”

The Invention of Bin Bags - A short play by @Antpocalypsenow


1.5 I reckon.

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I’m sure eventually they’re still better. Some rely on proper worm composting and stuff though.

Been buying these bad boys recently

90 in a roll! Takes up so much space under the sink it drives my wife mad. Might go all out and try the 270 option next time.


Accidentally bought some fragranced bin bags.

Absolute nonsense idea.

It’s really stressing me out at the moment how much rubbish I’m generating - might need to adopt some kind of frugal existence in 2021

What size are you going for? (I have no idea what size bags are so just pick the nearest one)

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Because the previous owners had four adults living here, we’ve got two each of the black wheelie bins (normal rubbish) and blue wheelie bins (recycling). Feel like a king.

Do treat it as a huge personal failing if we need to use the second black bin in a fortnight, though.

Same! I really wish I had time to make food from scratch and not rely so much on convenience food. Similarly keep meaning to make my own oat milk.

One day.

Yeah this, about 3 a fortnight (big bin emptying schedule)