Binning family off at Christmas

I’m considering fucking off somewhere on holiday this year and not spending it with family. Found it all a bit depressing the past few years, particularly the lead-up to it with non-stop adverts and city centres becoming Xmas Party booze zones for three weeks. The day itself can be fun, but it seems like it’d be nice to spend it in a different city doing non-Christmassy things.

How many of you have jetted off somewhere (solo or otherwise)? Considering somewhere like Istanbul or Morocco where they don’t celebrate it.

Yeah I’m doing it this year for the first time. The way things were going to fall meant spending Christmas Day at my sister in laws sister (very nice family but a bit of a tenuous link) and I think there would’ve been over 20 of us there. With young kids it becomes about 4 hours of constant present opening and I just find it a bit much. Add to that and the only time I can really take 3 weeks off work it over Christmas so I just decided to do my holiday then instead and miss Christmas and new year. I’ll be going to Costa Rica and I have absolutely no idea what they do for Christmas. We’re having a fake Christmas Day on the 15th before I go so I don’t feel like I’ll really miss out.


I just want to go to sleep through it all.

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Spent christmas at val d’isere snowboarding a few years back (though was with my brother tbf). Christmas dinner at the pub/on pretty much deserted slopes all day. Few drinks in the evening

Was wonderful.


In third year one of my housemates spent Christmas in our house by himself watching all of the films he missed during that year because he couldn’t be bothered going home. He’s done the same thing more than once since, sounds idyllic tbh.


Best Christmas ever for me I had the house to myself. Played videogames, ate pizza, had a few bevs. It was bliss, even though I was working Christmas Eve and Boxing day.

This year we’re spending christmas with a couple of close friends. No family, no fighting, no shouting matches, no brexit chat, no anxiety triggers - never looked forward to the holiday so much. Buzzing for it.


Only done a solo xmas once and really enjoyed it. Cooked enough to feed 8 people. Then slowly and drunkenly made my way through it all while reading comics and watching films.

Probably be doing something similar this year. Deffo won’t be spending it with family anyway.


Had a brilliant plan to spend Christmas at home, just the two of us, then we invited my mum down out of politeness and she bloody said yes. That wasn’t supposed to happen.

Still, at least I’ll be on home turf and can do things my way (i.e. the lowest effort way possible).


Want to do it but would feel guilty. Crimbo means more to me mam than me so happy doing what she wants to do


Shall I carve the christmas meal deal? Or shall we open vouchers by the radiator?


'er indoors was going to show willing and get started on a Christmas cake now. I vetoed it and said I’ll get one from M&S on the way home from work one day. Which I’ll probably forgot to do.

Ah, traditions.


My mum loves christmas and it’s my first not being there this year.
Feel well guilty about it

I actually asked my parents permission because if I’d thought it would have been an issue I wouldn’t have gone. They told me not to be silly and that I was a grown woman and could do what I wanted. Truth is they love their grandchildren more so they won’t even notice I’ve gone.


They’re fine with it and are dead happy for me but I’m an only child so there’s no grand kids or owt

I find xmas a bit long too but I sometimes do a post-xmas xmas on my own to get myself through it.

By post-xmas xmas I mean I cleared two days to just play Red Dead 2 all day and eat takeaway

We spent a month in Australia over Christmas last year. Personally, I missed being at home - I see my family, but normally only for an afternoon, and with a small child I felt it lacked some of the build up we’d have had if we were here. I’m glad we did it, but for me there’s no place like home*

*someone remind me I said this when I cursing my family on Boxing Day, yeah?

I’m an only child and I’d feel guilty not going to my Mam and Dads as I know they’d be upset if I didn’t (plus I actually quite enjoy it, but don’t tell anyone that).

Last Christmas was the first I’d spent with anyone for…15 years???

Hate Christmas Day. I like all the days around it though like Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.

Celebrating Christmas together isn’t really a thing in our family and given how far away we live from each other we probably haven’t been together on actual Christmas Day since all siblings finished uni.

Usually pop over to see my mum one or two weekends before or after Christmas, when travel is a bit more relaxed.

I’ve been in the US, Nicaragua, Austria, Vietnam and Italy on Christmas Day. Every country celebrates in a different way.

I would love to do it, but the in-laws are very, very into it, and to be fair they do make it a lot of fun for our daughter, so it would feel a bit unfair on her to subject her to just being at ours. However, visiting family for us is really, really toxic generally, so it’s always a horrible balancing act. We always say we’re never going to go down again, and then October rolls around and we are back into discussing how to run damage limitation on it. Sigh.