Binning family off at Christmas

I think me and Mrs F have had perhaps one Christmas in the last twenty years that wasn’t just the two of us at home.

It’s still great.


We’ve binned the rest of the family off for Christmas now, pretty much for the foreseeable future. The big family gatherings are way too much for all of us really - but especially for the eldest. Plus there’s the new element that my dad has a new wife and a new home and I don’t think we’ll ever spend Christmas there.

This year some friends have invited us round for Christmas dinner so it’s the best of both worlds really as they’re doing the cooking :blush:


Really can’t be bothered trekking back to my parents for Christmas. Would much rather just not bother, nothing against them, it just feels like going through the motions these days, we’re a small family and there’s no kids. So it feels like a lot of effort for no reason

Unfortunately I’ve got nothing else to do, so it’d just be upsetting my mum for selfish reasons really, and I can’t be doing that

Christmas is the only time that my family can get together and not argue about politics because there’s too much food to prepare/presents to open/kids to entertain/family to shout to in Spanish through Skype etc. I’d happily bin off all the other family gatherings in the year but that one.


Spent the last two Christmases with just my partner. Doing it again this year. We usually see family the weekend before, which is plenty for me. Can’t say I won’t ever do a family one again (mum just turned 68, I have a niece now) but if I/we do it’ll absolutely be a hotel job, my days of sleeping in my mum’s spare room is completely over. Or we’ll host, if we ever end up in a place big enough. Weirdly that appeals? Will absolutely regret it I’m sure.

Went to New York City once, a very long time ago, with a housemate. Got some last minute cheap flights leaving Christmas Day, came back on New Year’s Eve. Obvs they do Christmas big time there but it was really different cos the city never really shut down. Also it snowed, which was pretty magical.


Spent Christmas by myself in Hokkaido (Hakodate, Onuma, Sapporo) when on my year abroad as everyone else went home. Was absolutely amazing. Everywhere is full of proper snow, Christmas decorations/foods/music etc, but it’s really chill and shops, attractions etc are all open on Christmas day. Went to a Japanese version of an English stately home on Christmas Day (once inside you wouldn’t really know any difference) which was a nice antidote to the small amount of home sickness I had. Then to a fireworks display and carol concert. Ramen and gyoza and beer for tea. A selection of amazing cakes from a bakery in the warehouse. Really incredible time - remember it more fondly than any other holiday I’ve had.

If anyone ever wants a Christmas holiday that is Christmassy but not too busy then strongly recommend Hokkaido.

Last year I just went to my mother’s in the morning and back home in the afternoon which I found much, much easier than staying over. Can’t do that this year, but will become the default in future. Long enough for presents /lunch /board game /helping tidy up but not long enough for any exhaustion or arguments.


Would love to do this

Went to a cottage in the highlands just me and Mrs S once, before we had kids. Never done it on my own. Would probably end up just looking at dis on my phone all day.

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Might be staying in Leeds again this Christmas due to starting a new job. Bit sad, tbh.

I don’t really have any friends that I see regularly so I like visiting family at Christmas, even if they all drive me crazy.

Going to be very difficult/essentially cancelled until or if I ever have kids. Really dislike my extended family, and tensions are too high with my sister’s bloke to really see any of them
Neither me or my ma want to cook so going to get a boatload of local Indian the evening before and spend the day itself eating most of that and whatever trivial snacks I can grab beforehand. Can’t wait for it to be over tbh.

My family are in London so not really an issue, thankfully. I’m going to Australia on Christmas Eve this year :sunglasses:

Get on fine with all my family, but have decided to stay home this year. Not spent an Xmas in our house since we moved there 7 years ago. Can’t wait to pop to the local, go for a bike ride with my lad, then cook lunch exactly how I want it and not have my fussy family moan about having to eat food with ingredients in it.