Hi all, welcome to #BinWeek

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Which is your favourite bin to put out?

  • Rubbish Rubbish
  • Recycling
  • Food Waste
  • Garden Refuse

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Remember, throwing things into the plastic recycling bin doesn’t negate your buying plastic in the first place.


Food waste cos that’s the one that’s like a bomb. If it’s there too long it’ll evolve legs or something, it needs to be taken away.

recycling is so clean, no bin juice or bad smells.

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Yeah, food one came early today, but plastic / afval one was a bit late, was still out there when I went out at lunchtime.

My bin colours are: Brown, Green and Black

are your bin colours the same?

  • Yes, those are my bin colours too!
  • No, I have other colours for my bins!

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Does anyone have a bin in their front room/lounge/sitting room? I don’t think I ever have in my life.

Green, translucent & green.

It’s the bags that separate ours. You have to use the council’s bags and they are very expensive. The rubbish workers will only take those bags and will leave any other.

I do, but not by choice. I was raised in a one-bin household and judge people with a bin in each room as living a life of laziness.

fun fact, I used to do warehouse work packing simplehuman bins which were really fancy expensive bins with like sensor shit over the top.

Ooof! Not sure I could live without a bathroom bin.

woah translucent like you can see the rubbish inside? what’s that one for?

Oh yeah, good point. That is ONE extra bin I will allow.

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I’ve been looking for one for so long. all other bins seem to be made of metal and for the kitchen. I might put a plastic bag inside a basket or something. for my tissues and wrappers

Recycling. It’s inside a cupboard though, so it’s not looked at much.

The big news in the RDG is that we’re getting smaller bins in the new year, along with food bins at least. Can you believe we’ve bern all these years with just a black bin and a red bin?

Happy bin week joke sixty nine x

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Garden, because I’ve usually disguised a load of rubble/dirt under the grass clippings.

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Just take them to the master bin