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Is this a new station that the BBC have sneaked out yet further expanding their already unjustifiable monopoly?


we got the jazz, my man




It’s only on for 96 hours, square.

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Oh that’s a shame I was hoping it was a new channel.

Love the Beeb, me. Even if I don’t really watch/listen to it anymore. Pay the fee more out of loyalty these days.

We should form our own BBC (Balonz Badboy Crew)

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For bad boys named Balonz?

After that mumsnet thread they’ll be a queuing up in a few years time.

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@anon50098204 has already started on your crew:

was in the jazz pub last night and this cat, not really a mate just one of the geezers who hangs about, reckon he probably eats microwave pasta type of guy. Anyway, stupid cunt orders a lager top and brings it over to the table and i was like nahh not having that so took the rest of my pint home and went to sleep

That fucking prick!

*jazz nap

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no other crews, no bullshit compromises

No fronts no tricks no soap box politics
No guns just blunts we kick this just for fun

You ain’t efficient when you flow, you ain’t swift
Movin like a tortoise, full of rigor mortis! And for that reason I will not be joining your BBC.