Birds (as in 🦅🐧🕊🦆🦢🦉🦩🦚🦜🐔 etc, not the user @birds)

There’s a guy on Springwatch listening out for a nightingale at Reading West services, and I want to watch a TV show exclusively about him.

But sadly there’s been a 91% decrease in the population of nightingales in the UK in the past 50 years…

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Now on to bollocks size of starlings

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I have stayed in the Travelodge there more times than is good for anyone’s sanity. So bleak, yet at times as cheap as £16 per night.

I can safely say I never heard any nightingales


Spotted this guy near my house. I think this a cormorant, can any twitcher let me know please?


It is. Nice photo

Need to get your parabolic microphone sorted, pronto.


saw this guy on my bike back from work today

also a jay and some oystercatchers on the same 15 minute route


It’s saying “I just ate a fish. It was THIS big”

I saw five grey herons on the shore in North Greenwich at lunchtime. I think that’s the most herons I’ve ever seen together. That’s all I got.

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Sure it wasn’t Heron Quays?

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Difficult to know. I’m Heron mixed reports.


Woodpecker - I’ve waited years for them to come back! 2 juvenile ones too, chasing each other in the trees. Pretty nice hearing their call whilst lying in bed.


Nice! Is that a photo through binoculars? I have tried this with much less success

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Thanks! Yep it is. Had to use a glass to prop up the bins. Phone was upright on windowsill which gave me a hand free to focus it.

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Interesting fact, they found 2 (dead obviously) peacocks in a Viking grave.


I saw a woodpecker yesterday morning. First I’ve ever seen in the Garden.


Nice! Mine seem to have disappeared already. Have you got any feeders out? As well as peanuts, they apparently like sunflower hearts as well.

Literally every bird likes sunflower hearts. They are the junk food of the bird world.

Woodpeckers at this time of year really like baby blue tits too…

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ooo! I have quite a few of them too…

Ah I didn’t know that about sunflower hearts, McDs all round!

Got a couple of new feeders at the weekend including a peanut one so that might of helped although I only saw it in the tree not at any of the feeders.

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Just saw a song thrush in a tree near my work (one of the few). Not seen a song thrush for ages.