Birds (as in 🦅🐧🕊🦆🦢🦉🦩🦚🦜🐔 etc)

That heron looks so wise

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Binocular recommendations anyone?

Budget of around £100 (really fancy the Nikon Prostaff 7s ones but at £160 they’re a bit too much).

I wear glasses and have a very unsteady hand if that makes a difference.

Tricky one, as a lot of it is about what is comfortable and what works for you.

I’ve used Opticron bins for about 20 years now, and got an Opticron telescope too a couple of years back.

Optics shops tend to be a bit few and far between but there are some expos at nature reserves that are worth a go to try some out before buying.

These seem OK for under a ton, but like I say, worth getting your hands on some and give them a try first.

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After giving it a bit more thought I’m maybe more tempted by a compact pair as I think having some that just slip into a coat pocket and can be with me all the time might be better than a heavy pair which I forget to take with me on dog walks etc.

I think trying some out does seem the best bet tbh.

I’ve got these… Nothing fancy, but they’re as much as I need, and do their job of making things bigger. Think I paid about half the RRP, worth shopping around. Definitely not compact/won’t fit in your pocket though!

Edit - meant to reply to @HotBeefTrauma

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Compact is a good idea, but it is possible to get bigger pairs that are crucially still light, albeit I’m usually comparing mine to carrying my DSLR camera with zoom lens. I have a basic RSPB pair and they’re great for birdwatching.

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These get good reviews tbf. Seem like a good deal and a good spec.

I’ve borrowed an ancient pair of Palar 7x50 binoculars from my dad, that were probably my grandpa’s before that. Pretty heavy, but they do a job. Will be asking for some for my birthday though

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Mine have the same specs as kram’s: 8x40 and 8.2 degrees view angle.

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Just checked and it’s Bushnell H2O 8x42 FOV368FT here.

Not diddy, but still pocketable, in a generous coat pocket. Have some reassuring weight going on. Not one of those fancy pairs of traffic cones you’d expect to see set up on tripods, though. Cost about seventy or eighty quid about fifteen years ago. No idea if they’re ‘good’ or not. They seem alright for casual use.

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Blagged a morning birdwatching. Various coastal spots, highlights being the pictured Garganey, my first Swallow and Sand Martin of the year, and a bunch of waders (Ruff, Little ringed plover etc). 3rd pic is a terrible image of the American Wigeon I found yesterday up by Hadrians Wall.


Saw 2 lovely Mistle Thrush on my walk into town. Assuming it’s them from the football rattle like call and the heavily black spotted breast. Unless anybody knows what else that could be. No pic I’m afraid


So my new flat is right on a river so it is bird central round here. Lots of waterfowl, and a new one to me is sand-martins that swoop really low over the water to catch flies. Have also seen some swifts and have read that kestrels are quite common here so I’m looking forward to catching sight of those.


Ha. They were buzzing a crow in the tree as I walked back

Walked down to Walthamstow Wetlands, top day of birds.


Went over to my parents for a socially distanced chat in the garden. Could hear this very loud shrieking coming from the side of their house. Turns out a sparrowhawk had pinned a starling on the found and was going at it pretty hard. Fascinatingly gruesome

Enjoyed watching a jay in the park this morning. Thought it was gathering bits for nest building, but that kinda looks like the mumified corpse of something in that second photo. Their eyes look unnervingly human sometimes.