Birds (as in 🦅🐧🕊🦆🦢🦉🦩🦚🦜🐔 etc)

Have you ever seen a dipper? They are next-level Ronseal birds, just standing there dipping up and down. Top notch birdage

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Had 3 days in the Brecon Beacons and the amount of birdlife here is wonderful. Currently listening to a tawny owl. Woke up to the sound of a woodpecker. Have seen Red Kites and Buzzards and Coots and a Yellow Wagtail.

Also, my new binoculars are brilliant and I love them.


Was watching TV last night when I heard an owl really loud outside. Then a bunch of baby sparrows nesting near the window started making distress calls, even though it was night. The owl must have been very close to the house. Was expecting carnage in the garden this morning but it all seems normal.

I was thinking of that photo after watching the seagull vid upthread

just outside Columbus, Ohio and yeah peckers seem to be really common over here. Great birds!

Had a Blue Jay on my suet yesterday, did not hang around tho.

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Saw about 6 grey wagtails flitting around a church earlier. Beautiful.

Absolutely loads of swallows around too. Had a great time watching them


Nearly made us late for a flat viewing this morning because I saw a bullfinch for the first time down on the Kelvin Walkway. Beginning to think I might have leant into the birdwatching a bit too far!


No such thing as too far! Especially when there’s a Bullfinch involved.

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Been house sitting in Seaford this week. Been lovely walking the cliffs and around Cuckmere Haven. So many birds. Some of them seen:

Ringed plover
Little egret
Oyster catcher

I like the way linnets look like they have bathed in the blood of their enemies.


I got a couple of stonechat this evening


First swift of the year tonight!


They make some good noises. Stonechat is a good name for them.

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The decommissioned drainage beds are alive with the sound of reed warblers this morning, although I didn’t see one until a robin - which are out in force atm - chased it from its perch into a tree. (Also, if that song is a warble then Nurse With Wound are easy listening.)
EDIT: I bet Michael Winslow - yer man from Police Academy - could do a cracking impression of a reed warbler.

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Back when I used to actually go to my office on the Greenwich peninsula I always looked forward to hearing the reed warblers in the reed beds by the O2. I used to find it funny that people would just walk around completely ignoring the fact that the only real sound about was this little bird yelling its head off.

I like to follow them round by tracing the sound and watching where the reeds are moving, until occasionally one of them will come up top for a moment.

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Cheers - that’s definitely the best way to spot them. Just as I was on my way out one popped on to a sapling branch and it started wobbling, but even then I could only see its throat and beak going like the absolute clappers. You hear them at the Wetlands as well, but nothing like the volume, and that’s been so busy during lockdown - unsurprisingly, although I’m happy people are using it - that birdwatching up there is more limited than it was. The old waterworks is a lot quieter so I’ve been going there instead.

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I always just think of Reed Warblers as little metronomes - they’re so consistent in their rhythm, whereas Sedge warblers are all over the shop! That’s working on the basis that I’ll usually hear them rather than actually see them.

Love how they sound like they’re just making it up as they go along.


The first time I heard one I had no idea what it was so told my dad I could hear this bird that sounded a bit like a broken modem. “That’s a reed warbler,” he replied.


Absolutely buzzing with swifts at Walthamstow Wetlands today, great energy. Couldn’t really capture it on camera, so here’s a grebe


Just saw a green woodpecker out and about in Vicky Park, hanging out on the grass for a good while and then up in a tree. Only seen a fleeting glimpse of one around here before, so lovely to see. Also some Egyptian goslings around now.