Birthday card question for you


So it’s the TVs b’day tomorrow and a card arrived for her today and she opened, today, the day before her b’day. She thinks that’s totally normal, i think it’s odd.

So DiSSers what is it?!

  • It’s just a birthday dude, who fucking cares
  • Yeah that’s weird, why wouldn’t you just wait till it’s actually your b’day to open

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To be fair though, I only acknowledge my birthday because Wor Lass really likes making cakes.


open your cards when they arrive, presents on the day
those are the birthday rules


Cards to be opened on your birthday. I don’t open any post for about a month beforehand to make sure.


whit, i’ll let her know she ain’t the only weird one! :wink:


i don’t like celebrating my birthday before the actual date (specifically opening presents, i guess) because i feel like people would be annoyed if i then died before my actual birthday and they couldn’t get their money back for whatever they’d bought me. plus maybe it feels a bit like tempting fate or something.


i’ve never really scrutinised this position until i wrote it down just then and now i’m thinking it sounds fucking mental.


would go for this normally. might occasionally save a card until my birthday but it’s only a card and not usually very exciting is it?


yeah but sometimes cards contain cash money and then you’ve accidentally opened a present and fucked the whole system, haven’t you?


hmm if i was expecting cash money inside it might be different?

i normally just get cards from my mum and my sister and i know their handwriting immediately so there’s no surprise there.

sometimes get given one a work where i think the expectation is usually “open now and look at all the things we wrote”

  1. Cards are fucking weird
  2. Celebrating your birthday as an adult is fucking weird
  3. Opening your weirdo cards for your personal annual narcissism day before the actual day is weirder than both put together


do you wait until christmas day to open all your christmas cards?

  1. Cards are fucking weird
  2. Celebrating the birth of baby Jesus is fu


It is my birthday next week (hint hint!) and anything I get in the post that is even vaguely cardlike will be opened on Tuesday and not before.


as my birthday falls on valentines day i often frantically open any cards i get immediately in the desperate hope someone might love me and i don’t have to spend another year sad and alone.

imagine the crushing disappointment when i find out that, on top of all that, people are congratulating me for being another year closer to death


Alright Judgey McJudgerson


nice to get some attention sometimes though isn’t it


if your card arrives the day after your birthday do you save it for the following year?


get annoyed if I accidentally open a birthday card hiding in a plain envelope


it really, really isn’t, no.