You got any?

I do. A weird little Hebridean island sort of smudge behind my knee

Red spot, size of a two pence piece, middle of my left cheek. Was generally known as my Gorbachev spot when growing up.

Genuinely never see it when i look in the mirror, so it freaks me out a bit when people make reference to it. Or if medical professionals ask me if i want it removed…

Got one. Hidden when clothed. Very visible when not but i don’t feel particularly self conscious about it.

I have tiny spots of vitiligo too on my arm that I’ve always had. My mum has is quite badly on her hands and it only really started to show in her 40s so interested to see what happens with mine. It surprised me how different it is even on white skin, really glad its not a big deal now though - she has all this expensive hand and body make up and was so self conscious, whereas i feel like its one thing I’d probably be accepting of

Massive one on the back of my neck, and one on the back of my calf.

Got one right by my eye that gets more noticeable in summer like freckles but is fainter in winter.

got one on my head and one on my cheek that make the hair grow out white, dont stand out that much these days :crying_cat_face:

also loads of hypopigmentation patches. thought it was vitiligo but doctor says no, if you have true vitiligo your patches will glow under a black light!

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A light brown splodge on my right hip as it turns into the curve of my arse.

Can you have this moved to serious matters? I don’t feel it belongs in the social thread.

How come?

I have a large facial birthmark and have had a lifetime of abuse about it.

All right Ribena face? Overhearing children telling their parents ‘that’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen!’.

Having to read medical textbooks saying ‘see under disfiguring skin lesions’

Doesn’t make me feel great.

I don’t think it shouldn’t be discussed, part of me really wants to do that, just feel it should be in a safe space

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yeah I got a mole on my neck, was told if it got scratched I’d bleed to death(?) And subsequently was bullied about it a lot

Got a brown splodge on the inside of my right ankle

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I’ve had the dartboard/target insult before too. After asking this be moved to a safe space, I really didn’t expect to have this sort of stuff reinforced. @moderators

I’ve put it as social SSP if that’s alright

i’ve got a birthmark on my arse, quite big but quite faint. i often forget it’s there, so when someone sees my arse for the first time it can come as a surprise :grinning:

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