Bison Cull

Not sure if this belongs here. Didn’t seem to fit in the serious matters section. But 45 thousand applicants? All a bit fucked up isn’t it? If they have to cull do they really want a load of gun toting idiots getting involved?

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in order to reduce trampling of Native American archaeological sites, soil erosion and water contamination

there used to be 40 million bison and now there’s less than 500k but they’re worried about soil erosion and water contamination?


really reads like just an excuse to let people shoot things doesn’t it.


Bear up Bison, never say die!

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i mean it’s in a national park and they take those things pretty serious right? so hopefully they know what they’re doing

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exactly what I though this morning, and since when does the US care about anything native american?


I think they should arm the Bison as well, make it fair.


if i learned anything from that famous yellowstone wolf video it’s that we should throw wolves at the problem


what’s @Aggpass up to on youtube?


Completely barbaric. Imagine wanting to kill an animal.


She’s been living in her white bred world


Bison kills = not ace @drownedinqueen

Sounds like the name of Elon Musk’s brother or something

Have always wondered if culls are necessary. I mean, if the human race died out tomorrow, and animals were allowed to live their lives freely, surely animal populations would be self-regulating to a large degree, influenced by food supply and land restrictions. They don’t need to be controlled. They can control themselves, no?

I just can’t imagine that, if we all fucked off tomorrow, in time there would be say 100 million elephants, 80 million lions etc

Usually they’re done in places where we’ve mucked around with the ecosystem - eg removing an apex predator, introducing non-native species or making ecosystems more or less habitable for certain species.

So no there might not be 100 million elephants if we all fucked off tomorrow, but the UK would become overgrazed by deer because we killed all the wolves and bears that used to prey on them, Australia would be full of non-native camels and rabbits, etc.

They used to have a lot more space in fairness. So in the few tiny areas where they still live, there might be overpopulation even if the numbers have dropped massively across the continent overall.

So we need to reintroduce wolves (aren’t we currently doing that?) and bears before we die out to control the deer population.

Got you.

The area around Chernobyl is fascinating in terms of the lack of human influence with wild boars, bears, wolves etc repopulating what was once a hive of human activity. Maybe that could happen once we are no more…

The idea of reintroducing wolves to the UK has definitely come up but last I heard it was still a no. They have reintroduced them to bits of the US where they had been killed off though, with good results for the environment, but obviously the locals aren’t always keen. In theory north American wolves can repopulate themselves after the humans all fuck off, but it’ll be a while before they learn how to build boats so in the UK we’d probably need to help them out crossing the channel.

Hey is this your field of work? some really interesting points you’ve made. I’ve learnt a few things from this thread.