Bit concerned about this cat I know


lives with my friend in this really cool, yet completely lacking in natural light flat. it’s a converted garage or some shit. massive, open plan place. enough room for a game of beach volleyball, no problem. real bachelor pad, if you’re into that sort of thing.

as I say though, there is no natural light at all. poor fucking cat. he always looks really weird when I go round there. has this odd look in his eye, like a cat on the edge.

I’ve raised this with my man a couple times, saying he needs to get a cat flap, but he’s having none of it. keeps saying there is a road outside, and the cat would simply get flattened. the fucking dick.

cat broke its paw or something the other week. I feel this may well be a cry for help. cat is just going fucking nuts. possible suicide attempt? dunno.

imagine for one moment - NEVER seeing ANY NATURAL LIGHT. not so pleasant, is it.

feel I need to intervene on this one. not sure what to do though.



Can I just confirm for sure this is an actual feline and you’re not using ‘cat’ in a slang sense to refer to a really cool friend, similar to all-time dogs?


pure cat, man. tigger. shit name. ginger thing


there are far worse situations for a cat to be in, sadly. what is the air quality like? can you buy him a UV lamp as a gift?


I am cool with ‘Tigger’ as a cat’s name.


a cry for help?


Is it Vitamin B you get from light? Dunno, D maybe? Anyway, give the cat some effervescents.


also was the cat in another place before or has it always been indoors?


d, baby.


That’s the stuff


always been a prisoner, as far as I know.



Literally no windows?


That looks like good shit


None as far as I am aware, crisps.


no windows, guys. zero. just walls. and a pool table that doubles up as a dining table.


Usually nail a couple of these if I have a big day’s posting ahead.


Thank you Balonz, I suspected you would be the man to answer this query despite some thinking it might have been more appropriate directed to the OP.

Must be fucking shit having no windows in yer gaff.


If it gets out it’ll eat you.


That is pretty brutal. And, yeah, feel bad for the cat.