Bit emo but.. who do you talk to about 'things' you need to talk about, but you can't really talk to people about

as the things I need to talk about, concern people who I would normal talk to, if I needed to talk about stuff?


probs going to regret this thread…

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Pretty much just bottle everything up. It’s working fantastically well so far.

(I should clarify that I don’t advise this as a healthy strategy)


I have 2 close friends I feel I can talk to about absolutely anything.

But other than that DiS probs. It’s a good place to chat about “real” things without judgement and there are shit loads of wise people here to give advice.

Whats up?


Jesus Christ Chris, it is JUST a parking space! But seriously, nobody



We need to talk about

your thread title

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Aside from my wife, I have an old friend I don’t see very often who I’ve always confided in. She’s part of my uni friendship group but kind of removed from it by circumstance, so she has good perspective on stuff that I feel I couldn’t talk to my wife about.

Bit @elthamsmateowen but… who do you talk to about ‘things’ you need to talk about, but you can’t really talk to people about

Ah, nobody.

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THINGS, like a walk in the park
THINGS, like a kiss in the dark
THINGS, like a sailboat ride
What about the night we cried?
Things like a lover’s vow
Things that we don’t do now
Thinkin’ 'bout the things we used to do

No one needs to hear my inner thoughts. No one. Or I’d be locked up.

so much this.
although i so wanted to start a thread on here a couple of months back with regards to my former tv but got pure para as she had met a couple of dissers and somehow convinced myself she’d see it


Message me what you want to write and I’ll post it as my own thread. FOOL PROOF.


Mostly keep it to myself.

Therapy has been enormously helpful for uncovering and dealing with some unresolved issues, for some reason.

swwet :grinning::+1:

I am not very good at talking to people. According to my wife. I bottle things up.

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I hear @zxcvbnm’s wife is quietly furious about his home brewing obsession.

He’ll probably tag you in it.

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typed out an earnest response to this, but deleted it since that’s who I am.