Bit emo but.. who do you talk to about 'things' you need to talk about, but you can't really talk to people about

Probably got 1 friend who I’m on the same wavelength as who can talk about general sadness stuff with. Rest goes to dissers.

My big sister. :hearts:

Just had a little chat to a DIsser about this so thanks all, and thanks to others who offered a chat via DM.


Great bunch of lads


A bunch of friends and my parents :heart:

Internalise most of it, vent some to specific people if relevant or end up in a situation where I’ve had enough wine and am in a one on one situation with someone.

Tend to try and avoid burdening others with my concerns unless it in some way effects them.

Aw, I know what you mean, I had a situation very similar to that the other day with someone. Afterwards I ended up texting a friend, the opening to the message went along the lines of - “WARNING, incoming rant, no need for solutions, just need to vent”


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You mean one of those sex robots? Is that what you mean? Are you telling me to buy a sex robot?

I do try and do that a lot anyway. It’s natural for me, but I know a lot of my friends, especially those closest, are not very good at that stuff.

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is that the wrong term for it?

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I am actually quite good at drinking beer while allowing friends to talk about stuff. I make a point of not giving advice or commenting at all apart from saying stuff to encourage them to keep talking and to keep buying me beers. But not the other way around, though.