Bit eraly banal thread

just spent 45 minutes rendering out graphics temples and i can pinpoint now as the point when i have officially given up for the day


I am going through a >100 page document and deleting a specific word most - but, crucially, not all - of the times it occurs.

I feel a bit like that robot that passes the butter.


Got 5 days’ work to do in 3 days and it is very very very very very very very



yesterday I bought a water butt and changed an oven.
adult …

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Looking at lightweight down jackets.

I’m gonna get one later in Decathlon, but the colour choice for ladies is: horrible blue, WHITE (why why why), lime green or PINK. Fucking awful.

Might have to get a mens one instead.

that blue is fine tbh. what colour would you prefer?

I’ve totally switched off for the day

Black really. There are more expensive black ones so I guess that’s an option. Will have to try them on I suppose.

I’m quite excited about it and this proves I’m getting old because about six months ago I would never have even been looking at buying this sort of thing.

uniqlo do alright ones of these in non-terrible colours

Uniqlo means a long horrible journey to Oxford Street or bloody Westfield though :confused:

It came with a ‘butt stand’.
I picked up the wrong stand in B&Q - A staff member had to go and fetch me the right stand…

… for my butt

I boxed in some pipes yesterday. Took me ages. Looks shit.

I actually want one of these to walk to and from the gym.

Is it real feathers tho?

I think i want this one

Got my passport with my new name, plus confirmation from HMRC that they’ve made the change. Changing your name is a lot of hassle, huh? Most importantly, I’ve changed it on Facebook - says something about the world we live in that that felt like the most monumental change…


the decathlon one is synthetic down for arms, hood and sides, and actual down for the rest of it.

if i was going down the uniqlo route i’d get this: but i’ve no idea if it’d fit me and i cba to buy online

dunno i’ve never changed my name

Thanks for your input :thumbsup:


<invisible 3rd character>