Bit late banal


Cracking a beer coz i aced the water temple and i deserve it

Sup w/ you


Really nice out isn’t it, might get a few tins in too.
Was mooching around the Barbican earlier and someone said hello to me, realised they didn’t know me, went bright beetroot and scuttled off. Wondering if it was a lurker tbh.


sup, sat around in the park drinking rubicon instead of doing anything useful today


gonna songwrite the blues away tonight, also do a big ol’ workout to take off the fat acquired in the US of A last week


can everyone stop saying how nice it is please

it’s shit up here


Alright eIV? Gonna go sit in the sun with her outdoors and then eat burgers.


Didnt you have an interview?


Look how fucking stupid the reason those Thunderbirds are laughing is

I’m so irked


How’s about some polls

:sunny: :snowflake: FAVOURITE SEASON :cherry_blossom: :maple_leaf:

  • Summer
  • Winter
  • Autumn
  • Spring

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Cold, but not too cold.


Crisp cold days and sunny warm days.

What about Winter II?


People become beautifully irrational in Summer. They stop working, remain permanently drunk and sometimes riot.
Plus you’re not chained to the indoors.


had it yesterday. seemed to be going ok at first, but it finished fairly quickly without me saying much, which isn’t a good sign.


:umbrella: FAVOURITE WEATHER :partly_sunny:

  • Hot, sunny and dry
  • Hot, sunny, humid
  • Cold, sunny, dry
  • Cold, rainy, wet
  • Warm and dry
  • Rainy and warm
  • Snowy
  • Cloudy but warm
  • Something else

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Why are they all ripping into Theo like that?

I’m livid now.


With the exception of snow, anything involving moisture is shit - Clouds, mist, fog, rain and humidity can all get fucked.


someone said hi to me in tesco at lunchtime. thought she’d done the same but then i realised i used to work with her


are polls fully fucked or what?


Hmm bugger.


Tickly throat.

Not leaving here until 5.30 which is bullshit. At least we now have working internet in the flat.

Might have a beer when I get in, might not.