Bit late banal


thought I was an autumn / winter person but then I started cycling and oh boy I am now a summer person


Are polls fully fucked or not?

  • Yes
  • No

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:crab: :earth_asia: :airplane: BEST TYPE OF HOLIDAY :earth_africa: :sun_with_face: :statue_of_liberty:

  • Tropical beach holiday
  • Non tropical but nice beach holiday
  • City break
  • Nature filled (hikes, lots of trees)
  • Party island (like on sun, sex and suspicious parents)
  • Cultural break (lots of museums and probably one world wonder)
  • Local getaway
  • Somewhere I can eat/drink a lot
  • Somewhere where the hotel is so nice I don’t have to leave it
  • Somewhere else

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Depends. Bit of everything, really?


How hot are we talking? When we were in Florida it was about 26-29C the whole time but nice and cool in the evenings. That’s hot as fair as I’m concerned but not ridiculously so :slight_smile:


are anyone else’s poll abilities not working? :frowning:


Currently enjoying completely ballsing up the Glasgow meet with excessive polls and bad dates.



if you cancel the post and then do it again it should work


it’s like herding cats. you should just say it’s on such and such a date, be there or be square


True! Dream holiday would have a nice beach, museums and interesting heritage things and lots of natural attractions :heart_eyes:




yeah, doesn’t seem great. it was a bit strange generally, since I didn’t actually apply for the role I got an interview for.


bike holiday :bicyclist:


Have drank loadsa tea and been nibbling away at a luscious caramel square this afternoon. also been mighty jealous of @ericthefourth’s Zelda updates


i can’t even seem to make a poll


Aight help me pick my next cat, soon to become Cotton’s sibling.

I’m in the market for a hypoallergenic and there are various breeds that fit the bill. I’ve narrowed it down to four:

    1. Siberian
    1. Charcoal Bengal
    1. Russian Blue
    1. Devon Rex

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Maybe lay off the booze for a bit beforehand.


Aw, I wish you were all cats. And yes, I was told this… but I like to make things as messy as possible.


Well, yes :slight_smile:

Reminds me: I need to buy a Carradice Super C (or something equally big which I can attach to the bike without eyelets so we can tour round Europe for two weeks in May)


1 or 3. Probably 3.