Bit of a sore knee



Got one of the above. Not all the time, but if it bends in a certain way or something. Been happening for a while. What’s good excercise to do that won’t inflame the problem?


Is the morphing words into something that looks and sounds like smee one of the running jokes that we’re carrying over to this site?


“running jokes” show some sensitivity pal


The same.

Sorry Smee, it’ll only get worse as the kid gets older and bigger. So many dicky back moments and bad knees since she was born :cry:


oh missus


think it predates the little parasite actually.

as does my bad back, though he has definitely made that way worse. I usually spend a little while every evening cradling him and walking around trying to get him to sleep and something about the position is absolutely slaying my shoulder


Yeah. So many nights having to just lie on the carpeted floor with a blanket over me to reset my back and shoulders.


how are your joints generally? have any autoimmune diseases? are you double jointed?


Me or Smee? I am indeed fairly double-jointed.

I would expect I’ll be arthritic but I don’t know of any particular medical complaint I have. But I’m 41 and have never done exercise.


balonz says he rolls a terrible joint (i’m so sorry)


i don’t know what autoimmune diseases are so i guess no. not double jointed.

i have ongoing back issues as ref’d above. this has meant bad shoulders and, erm hips? the bits where my back goes into my pelvis. but i think that’s all muscular.

my grandad had to retire early with crippling arthritis if that helps?


oh hang on what is double jointed exactly?


double-jointed-ness can be a sign of connective tissue disease, even if it isn’t, you’re supposed to do exercises to strengthen your muscles because joints aren’t meant to bend both ways and instability can cause strain and wear-and-tear and stuff.


When it’s cold my right knee aches, uncomfortable in bed


Oh great. :frowning:
Thanks for the warning. What sort of exercises?


autoimmune diseases are rheumatic and inflammatory diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, IBDs, coeliac disease) - the symptoms can overlap and they often coexist, hence why i’m asking cause sometimes people think they’ve just got a flare of RSI but it’s in fact chronic synovial arthritis.

some people have double jointed fingers, elbows etc.

i’m extremely hypermobile, to the point of dislocation and semi-dislocation. twinned with arthritis and eaten-up joints and cartilage it’s nasty, but i imagine it’s nasty enough without them.


don’t actually know this bit
meant to refer myself back to the rheumatology physio at some point. my consultant only mentioned them to me last week but didn’t have time to explain, said to look it up.