Bit of a weird day on here today (banal)

50 minutes or so until home time. Need to remember to fill up the car on the way, and get some more deicer.

I’ve really enjoyed it

I haven’t, really.


Sorry Epsinho, I’ll try to have a think for some better threads tomorrow.

When you grow up you could get some deicer

WFH tomoz, bought some crumpets to celebrate.

Let’s be honest, it’s fine for an hour or two but beeves are pretty boring shit really. Ooh you organise towels incorrectly, get in the sea.
Much more enjoyable when we just treat each other with decency.

I agree with this but I also love those sweet, delicious replies on a thread I’ve authored


What’s the Marmite situation?

Did we stop kicking off about Rick Stein? That was quite fun.

I wish there were more (any?) badges for chunky thread authorship.

Sorry pal, I don’t know who he is.


I need to buy a lightbulb on the way home. Bayonet, in case you were wondering.

Also, some cat treats. Whiskers Dentabites, in case you were wondering.

Got about half a medium jar so I am all set. Should be sunny so will be able to get the washing out. What a day it is going to be!

could have the beeve badge, for when you launch a clear beef-grenade of a thread


he’s a tv chef with a big nose

I agree with this as well. I’m hoping for some kind of ‘Century For A Thread About a Minor UK Celebrity’ type of badge.

  • Takeaway and shit TV
  • Boring dinner at home then Manchester By The Sea

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Have we ever had a thread on lightbulb preference? Think that could really take off. I’m a bayonet man.

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Sounds like you’ve got it all worked out. I hope you enjoy your crumpets and/or pretending to do any work.