Bit of a weird day on here today (banal)

screw you! watt are you talking about!


Deffo Manchester by the Sea, it’s amazing.

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Yep, agreed. Feeling a bit “fuck this shit” about DiS today.

Still, shepherd’s pie for dinner so not all bad.

I don’t think I’ve treated anyone with anything but decency today. It’s the other people who have been flinging around insults and swearwords.

(which is usually a decent indicator that they’ve lost the argument)

yeah definitely wanna see it, but might be a bit too knackered to really appreciate it tonight after getting home and having a run

20 reply thread, easy. Bayonet is clearly the best fitting action, but I reckon there’s a least one shitter on here who prefers screws.

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Because there were two jokey arguments and a really odd one about Rick Stein?

There’s always one fucking contrarian, isn’t there?

It won’t be me this time, so my money’s on eric.

I wonder if other countries have a choice.

All felt a bit c_r to me. Being deliberately disingenuous to get peoples’ backs up. Not a fan.

Might just be a bit hungry though, idk.

Just found it all a bit boring / unamusing / dissatisfying the past day or so. You know when you feel like you’ve spent wayyy too long on the internet and you just need to go and look at some trees for a little while? It’s a bit like that. Nothing against anyone who’s posted heavily over the last 24 hours.

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Wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it’s a British quirk, like grudgingly using metric for most things but holding onto ruddy bloody Imperial measurements for beer.

The rest of Europe is completely screwed.

Idk marckee, I just don’t know.

In that case, I’m glad we voted leave.

Taking Back Control of our Bayonets!

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seems the same as ever to me

had to do some actual work today. what a shitter.

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down

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DiS reeks of “i’m smarter than you” in times like these.


Is that Derren Brown’s new signature fragrance?