Bit of caption competition fun anyone?

“Dog ownership plummets as more people opt for cats”

“Woking’s Pizza Express set not to reopen following Covid-19 pandemic, disappointing nobody apart from Prince Andrew”

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“Exemplary BBC journalism as Newsnight investigates accusations that British newspapers are filled with dog whistles”


“Very posh person photographed sitting in chair for some reason”

“Hi, I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”

“Can this be real? Dog reading papers.”


“Look at how the how the British commentariat regard themselves”

“woman wears hat, gloves inside, must be cold or something”

“Hey Em. This Adrian Chiles bloke sure talks a lot of sense.”

“It’s rude to turn away when I’m asking you a question Rover”

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“I still can’t figure out where the new Labour leadership stands on nationalising sausages.”