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Genuinely don’t understand any of it just read Reddit and shout to the moon. Diamond hands. Smooth Brain. Hold apes hlod

Buy the dip

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I dunno man, i kinda feel the dip should be complimentary when you’re ordering other stuff

Most places i’ve been give you tortillas if you buy the dip

hmmmnnn, interesting - and you are the head of the table!

I bought some hummus and flatbread the other day. Neither complimentary. The flatbread was actually a grilled pita, and the hummus was probably the equivalent of a large supermarket tub. Ridiculous. Naturally i brought the rest of the hummus home as it was only down the street. £4 it cost me!!

This is now the dip thread

I keep getting tempted to buy a few ethereum…stop me

don’t do it

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Cheers if it goes to the moon it’s your fault

From what I know there’s no point in buying for a couple years going on past patterns (any crypto)

This thread is from the guy who made up dogecoin


good thread

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10 tweets on an account started a year ago.

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Plain black header image.

Nice logo based on his initials.

This is the entirety of his website:

I like this guy.


It’s up 34% since You posted this.

Cheers kids crying

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Fucking hell


billy looks loads like bilbo !

Kind of forget that LOTR was a whole 20 years ago!

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