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Munecat summarises the FTX stuff in under 10 mins

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its incredible how unlikable this man is, isn’t it. I watched all of i’m a celebrity with my mum - was quite comforting for some reason whilst I was going through a really bad mental break, even though I don’t usually go for that sort of stuff.

usually, after a bit of exposure, in a different setting, these people inevitably become a bit more human and relatable. for example, Jeremy Clarkson is obviously a hateful bigoted man, but I’ve spoken to him over the phone before and its incredible how you come away thinking ‘ah he ain’t that bad after all!’. I hate Matt Hancock even more than I did before he went on that show. So its some doing by the lad, tbf.


Hope you’re doing better now man


Asked what had happened to the company and its investments, Sullivan said he would respond if the Guardian flew to the Philippines to discuss it further

That’s quite funny


weird as fuck that I’m both delighted for you watching the show as it was comforting and delighted that it led you to hate someone more


Everything is crashing. Stocks too!

Yeah my company might be fucked :face_with_peeking_eye:

Is this to do with this Silicon Valley lot that are 1.6 billion in the hole? I slightly read about this last night and completely forgot about it.

Not just that but it’s part of it I’m sure

Are you in crypto?

God no, I work for a startup


Oh no. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Sorry to report that Cookie Monster has sold out.

So many questions about this van outside my house.

Is it carrying crypto?

Why do they need ladders?


It’s a pest control van that’s been sponsored

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Well that makes perfect sense

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More importantly, are they involved in erotic cartoon dog porn?