Bitcoin (rolling drugs & guns thread)

hey remember bitcoin? turns out it’s totally worth something now for a bit

you could buy loads of hitmen for that

something NHS something something

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It’s fucking insane. Very upset I didn’t waste hours of my time and my electricity getting my PC to mine for them. Actually never considered just buying some.

you bloody gun runner

I’ve still got about 0.7 BTC in an account. That is now worth >£1,000… crazy, think i bought 1 BTC for like £150 a few years ago.

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what did you spend you 0.3 bitcoin on? is there a lower denomination of bitcoin? a bitcent? i bet they havent thought of this

You can use decimal points!

The first bitcoin I bought was about £2 :sleepy:

It’s just traded in much lower denominations.
So for something costing £20, then you would pay 0.01 BTC.
£50 today = 0.03 BTC, a year ago it would have been more like 0.3 BTC.

I use it for buying things on the d a r k n e t

so how much ivory do you own now?

You still have it/or any bitcoins?

Some people have made an absolute fortune out of this.

Yeah, I’ve seen some stories online about this kind of thing but alas, no. Spent it all on good fun legal things.

I think at one point (at bit of an estimation, but I’m guessing 2011ish?) I had nearly 200 of the buggers, god knows what that would be worth in today’s money :cry:

Oh well, at least I had a good time, and could be plenty worse:



lol… pretty great.

I still don’t understand any single aspect of any of this


Really don’t understand it but I have a friend who trades it for a living now after getting very into it 5/6 years ago. Seems to get most of his physical trade with tourists in London and so forth presumably to circumvent exchange rates? Idk. Genuinely seems to do alright out of it, which is insane.

last night a mate of mine told me that in Jan he got himself £200 worth of another crytocurrency (there’s loads and all are rocketing in value, it’s nuts)

current value: £2k

i am therefore strongly considering speculating myself

How and where do you even buy it?

Bureau de Change, any M&S.

There’s a bar near me that has this weird bitcoin “vending machine” in the wall
Can’t fathom it whatsoever