Can someone explain to me in really simple terms what a Bitcoin is and why it’s worth anything?

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People have attached value to graphics cards solving sums.

Stop me if that’s too technical.

(1) probably not
(2) because we’re living in the end times


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which one ar

My brain after reading epimer’s bamboozlingly technical post

didn’t realise we were on the piratechat forums

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Surely that isn’t a word.

I’m going to a talk called “Intellectual property strategies for software development in the field of Blockchain”.


Strategy ‘sue the cunts. Bye’

will there be pastries?

Not if you get there after me matey!!

Need something to sue them for first, don’t you.

I think you should go to this talk, I’m not convinced you know what you’re talking about.

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don’t forget your eyepatch

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Bollocks I do.

Reckon I’d get in there and sort everything out within the afternoon. No fucking about posting on dis.

can’t think of anything more late capitalism than nerds getting rich off warehouses full of processors running at maximum capacity performing utterly pointless tasks

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remember when i was younger, running through the fields of blockchain