Biting the inside of your mouth and other things

Cw: ‘uninentional’ self harm.

Anyone else have proclivities like this? I used to self harm severely and even though I don’t do that anymore, I feel like there is a relationship between that and some of the things I do now.

Like, if I’m really stressed I will bite down hard on the inside of my mouth. Even when not I constantly have open wounds inside my mouth. Related to this I cannot seem to let open wounds heal. I constantly fiddle.

I don’t necessarily associate it with self harm but it must be related.

I know I could have just posted this in the MH thread but it seems more specific than that and not necessarily MH related. See also bruxism etc.

Do you do similar things? Do you view it as a problem or just something you do?

Oh gosh I do this ALL THE TIME and it’s infuriating. Fat-cheeked twat. (Me, not you)

Oh hang on, I don’t do it on purpose… I’m sorry, I didn’t read the OP properly

Might go the whole hog and post a pic of some socks I’ve bought


Also there was a time where it seems like people would take unsuspecting photos of me and I would have my hand to my cheek finding a bit to chew and lemme tell you it is not a good look.


Hahahaha CCB!!!

Not on purpose but I’ll notice my cheeks and tongue hurt and wonder why and then I realise it’s cause I’m biting them.

Edit. Oh yeah I read the op wrong too. guess it’s more I have big inner checks and tongue.

Weird thing is I don’t really view it as a problem.

Whilst this shouldn’t be a ‘light hearted’ thread as I’m interested in all angles, but to me it’s just one of those things.

I had a fidget spinner, and interestingly I have adhd, primarily hyperactive type so it probably goes with the territory. There is a video a friend has of me fidget spinning on my nose, as I’m clearly five years old. Kinda got bored of it. OH THE IRONY.

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Another knuckle cracker here!

I spose, also, a bit like snapping rubber bands against your wrist, I view it as safer to the alternative. Not that I really have any great urge these days, and it really weirds me out when I think about how bad I was at one point, like, as if I was depersonalised or something but it kinda feels like the safe option.

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Are you me

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Yeah I crack my knuckles a lot as well. Like you say, the more you do it, the more you need to. I do it with my crackable shoulder a lot too, especially when I’m stressed or anxious. Do a lot of nail biting too, compulsively, probably.


Clench my jaw and grind my teeth without realising when I’m stressed but I guess everyone does that

I don’t really do this but I see a lot of people who have sores round their nails from where they clearly bite the skin. I suppose that is also similar.

Also, not sure what the etiquette is here for blurring/non blurring potentially triggering things? Halp :sob:

I bite my nails, chew my cheeks, grind my teeth, pluck hair and beard hair out, pick at the skin around my finger nails… the whole juicin’ lot.

Definitely something I’d like to sort somehow cos it does seem like little acts of self-harm.