Bits in songs that really annoy you

In Don’t Look Back In Anger, where Noel sings “please don’t put your life in the hands of a rock 'n 'roll band” and that guitar squeals twice in the background. Very cringe worthy even by Oasis’s standards.

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Every part of every Oasis song.


I came here to post something similar to various bands, mainly Radiohead but mainly the national :grinning:

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Whenever Puff Daddy drops in an “uh huh” or “cmon” on a biggie track.

Every jimmy page fuck-up on the widdly bit on heartbreaker

The tiny hiccups from bad encoding on every track i downloaded from soulseek 10 years ago and have never bothered to replace

Seconded on The National!

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HaHa yeah bits would suggest you got past the first bit but half way through the first bit I’m asleep or walking into the ocean :grinning:

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When you can’t quite work out where the first beat of the bar is. Like on this song:

It sounds like the “-ly” of July Flame is on the first beat of the bar, but then later in the song it seems to switch.

Similar problem on this song. No idea until the bass drum kicks in:

Oh and I quite like some Radiohead and The National songs (and even the occasional Oasis song) so nerrrrr

The beginning of Get Back where Lennon is fucking about. Can’t believe they left it in.

Actually any bits in songs where they’re dicking and laughing about. Play the fucking song you twats


The music journalist skit on Philadelphia Cop by Sun Kil Moon.


Drawing a blank for the most part despite thinking about this all the time, but quickly off the top of my head:

  • The rap at the end of “North Hollywood Microwave” by Pink Mountaintops. No idea how anyone thought that was a good idea.

  • The outro of “Los Angeles” by the Counting Crows, starting at where he basically starts talking. Then you think the worst is over but suddenly he doubles down with the line about tacos. (Kind of the 100% inverse of the surprise double punch of distortion in “New Year” by The Breeders). I can’t believe no one in the studio said, “No.”

  • The “hip-hip”'s in “Island in the Sun” by Weezer. Ugh.

  • The extended spoken word part of “Pink Cellphone” by Deftones.

  • The phone conversation in “Unemployed Boyfriend” by Everclear. Or honestly, when any band does the phone conversation thing.


Pretty much all spoken word bits and rappers turning up in rock songs.

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  • The spoken word part of The Horrors’ “Who Can Say”

  • Echo & the Bunnymen’s Killing Moon has two very brief bits where, well I’m not sure what happens (phasing?), but there’s brief, droney bits that happen at the 4:14 and 4:18 mark (and another time after that, I think.) I can’t not notice them.

  • the rapper that appears in Curve’s Ten Little Girls.

  • the early 90s white girl rap that starts at :55 in this song:

Ugh, yes. That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this thread title too. Dreadful.

The bugle on PJ Harvey’s The Glorious Land - sonically and symbolically annoying. The only thing I don’t like about that album.


At the end of Nineteen by Tegan and Sara the drums have dropped out and then they come back in with this awesome off-beat thundering fill, the best drumming section on a great drumming song. At the same instant though a weirdly high pitched, grating synth noise plays - not a note or even nice feedback just irritating. Ruins what should be the best part of the song every time.

Also the spoken word part on Under Your Spell by Desire. So amateurish and stilted- though the partial Outkast quote amuses me.

The bit at the end of You Get What You Give by The New Radicals where he calls out a load of people from the 90s in a really weedy way. (I’ve skipped to that bit)


The bit in that Ed Sheeran song where he starts rapping.


That album is my dad’s favourite of all time…