Bits of songs that sound like other songs

Like, is it me or does from 2:30 in this Ratatat classic sound like Get Lucky?

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The synth line at 2:16 sounds like the undertakers theme

The verses in Duality by Slipknot sound just like the verses from I’m The Scatman

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There’s a guy on TikTok who posts similarities/rip offs - he’s a bit smug but it’s fascinating. Think his name’s jmaine?

Heard this recently and thought exactly the same


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That bit in Everyday Should Be A Holiday by Dandy Warhols that sounds like Duran Duran

That lead guitar in Preoccupations’ Advisor (the bits around 4:30 and 5:00 or so)

sounds like the end of the bridge in Billy Corgan’s DIA (2:50 or so) (amazing song, my favorite of his solo material)

Lost my mind for a full week trying to figure that one out.

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George @ 2m35sec

Mel B @ 50sec