BITT is JAG form!


Alright DiS, it’s been a long while since I’ve been on the boards during a day shift. First time on the new boards. How is everyone?

As always, never shy of hawking my wares I offer up a lengthy playlist of ALL NEW freshly filtered electronic juice.

So what do we have here then?
I guess it’s a 17 track extended rough first draught of an LP that I put together in the last few weeks.

It’s ahem an eclectic mix of ambient, club, industrial & soundtrack electronica with heavy doses of screwed-down futurefunk.

Influences: D-Train, Jean-Jacques Perrey, Japan, Talk Talk, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Anita Baker, Maya Angelou & Kurt Vonnegut, Herbie Hancock, Thomas Dolby Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Vince Clarke, Neon Indian, Oliver Sacks, Pete Shelley, Erol Alkan, George Lakoff, Cluster, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Prince, Bowie/Eno, Human League/Heaven 17, Kool & The Gang, Fritz Kahn & Hilma af Klimt & RADIOHEAD

Attach it to your auditory canals via your sound pressure medium of choice. It’s 100% instrumental so no cognitive distraction (apart from maybe song titles) which means it’s a good focuser if you’re allowed such things as headphones at work

As always, any comments & shares are greatly appreciated, especially with the piece being at this BETA test stage

Also, I’m happy to answer any questions about what’s going on here or with me in general

Thanking you :boom::ocean::peach::cookie::headphones:


Brexit music for a film


Listening now dude. Enjoying the pitch-shifts in the first track :slight_smile:


Welcome home, my boy!


If you like pitch shifts then you’re in for a real treat with this playlist, it’s 63% drift :nail_care:t3:




It’s good to be back

‘Home’ :thinking:…? Maybe


Really enjoying - proper Luke Vibert vibes on that one :slight_smile:


Yeah, when you mentioned your penchant for pitch slides I thought you’d enjoy that one …it’s very melty


Had to take a break for a meeting, but just got up to Black’n’Blue Funk, which is looooooovely. You gonna whack this on bandcamp???


Do you mean that specific track or the whole thing?


Whole thing please!


Well, it’s like this;
In September I signed a little 12" deal with a label in Minneapolis called Vibraphone who are distributed by Juno. There will be a 3 track 12" (none of which tracks are on this playlist) supposedly released in January but looking more like February now & this playlist was intended to be step one of a 3 step process - step two being a condensed version of this playlist in the form of a 60min or so mixtape around the time of the 12" release that I’ll stick on Bandcamp. Step 3 being a trimmed down no-fat, polished, finessed & fully mastered version of this playlist as a LP some time mid 2017

Of course, I get itchy sitting on music and these plans are all subject to change or variation.

I could release this beta version I suppose but I’d have to have a little think about how best to do that. Of course, the best way might be just to stick it on Bandcamp and not overthink it but I’m trying to introduce some kind of strategy to what I do so maybe I’ll do the Bandcamp subscription thing and offer it as an exclusive or maybe an incentive if I don’t pick up the right labels and decide to go the kickstarter route. I dunno. I’m just a little precautious about underselling myself here. I want something that fits the industry or media model a bit so that it gets reviews & stuff y’know

Does this make sense ? Or should I just be ‘if people want it let them have it ?’


Interesting. I say the following not out of politeness (if that was my position, I’d have given you a quick listen, tossed you a ‘like’ and moved on with my day). Your music is really very good - absolutely in the sweet spot for my tastes. Like, if I gave it a listen on Spotify, I would look it up to buy on Bandcamp or Bleep. If you have a strategy you’re pursuing to get more exposure, then I’d suggest (based on no industry knowledge at all) that you proceed as planned. You deserve recognition for this, so maybe resist the urge to throw it out early.


Thanks man, this is great to hear and in all honesty your positive words over the last few words have certainly not gone unnoticed

I have a lot of confidence in my work but it’s hard with so much music on the market to get people’s attention. What’s even harder is to hold their attention so I’m trying to work on the second part there and build up

Great to have your ear & opinions on this


Over the last few years* I mean


Bump for the 'soon home time’rs


For the evening shift


awesome, going to listen to this in the bath momentarily


I listened to one of these on Sunday when I was ironing my shirts and it was really infectious and driving. I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with the rest.