Got bitten by a dog this weekend. Whammo on the ankle. Didn’t break the skin and didn’t hurt too much but was one up from a nip. Ended up feeling sorry for the dog as she is going to be losing some privileges and has had a pretty rough life before.

When was the last time you got bitten by something bigger than say… a bumble bee?

ha ha

That’s not even the worst thing that happened to me this weekend - my mum’s fella was heading towards a fight at my son’s dance show. But I cannot be fucked to go into that.

got bitten by a dog whilst on my bike a year or 2 ago - the usual hapless owner with no control over their dog but willing to let it run around off the lead anyway. No skin broken so not a huge deal

do human children count?

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As long as they are bigger than a bumble bee

The cat gave me a little bite this morning when I was giving her a bit of peanut butter as a treat. Luckily she has hardly any teeth so it was a gummy bite.

I got bitten by a mouse earlier in the year. It really sank its teeth into me as I was trying to get it out of the flat and I ended up throwing it in shock.

Just remembered - the hamster bit me last night.

Rolling around in its hamster ball: nestled against my foot, then bit me through the hole.

Then ran around in a circle and came back for more!!

fuck you, squeak

Jesus, how did it get up there so fast?


What did you do to provoke the dog balonz

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Toddler - a couple of weeks ago. Going through a bit of a phase. Not too painful, no broken skin.

Dog - about 23 years ago. Snapped my hand, bled a bit from my finger tips. Still a small scar.

I’m not saying the warn is Richard Gere but

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I walked past her, maybe a metre or so berth. Had flipflops on, don’t know if that did it and there were quite a few people around.

She’s a rescue dog and just lost the other dog who lives with her so probably going through a tough time. Lucky it wasn’t someone who was scared of dogs though otherwise there could have been all sorts of bother.

he’s fucking sexy

Poor pup. Glad you didn’t get hurt :+1:

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Not even Thursday :woman_shrugging:

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What’s the biggest thing you’re ever been bitten by @anon29812515?

i believe the older ones can, yes

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