Bizarre and incorrect ways of preparing and consuming food you have witnessed


Beeves allowed.

Guy at uni used to have beans on toast by filling a bowl with beans, getting a plate of toast and ripping and dipping the toast into the beans. Deviant.

Apparently some people cut pizza with scissors but think this may have been made up because why would anyone be that much of an idiot.


A guy at uni used to eat tomatoes like they were apples.


I sometimes do this.


When my brother was 14 him and his mates were trying to cadge booze any way they could and wound up finding a bottle of Pimms somewhere in the back of a cupboard.

Not realising it’s meant to be mixed, they just drank glasses of it straight, and subsequently felt quite ill.


Swallowing jelly beans whole.


My mate tried cooking pasta in the kettle, fish fingers in the toaster and ironed some bread to make toast. He is now my boss.


Weirdest job interview I’ve ever heard of.


There was a horrifying thread on Old DiS about this. I still have nightmare flashbacks to it every time I see a pair of scissors.


totally fine imo tbqh


pretty sure they were all just lying for attention


My sister eats spag bol as separate bowls of spag and bol.


Beans ON toast




I call it “Beans near toast” if and when I do it the other way


I used to peel mushrooms. All those wasted hours.


I peel mushrooms


You’re wasting your life.


I find it quite a satisfying peel


beans AND toast


Paul McCartney cutting an onion