Bizarre that Stephen Fry likes football


has anyone ever heard him do some analysis/opinions etc? Can’t imagine it, like Morrissey playing guitar.


Why is it bizarre?


Oh he’s always at the game!


Seems out of character despite being on the board of directors at Norwich


Norwich though




He said somewhere that he hated all sports as a youth (I think in particular when he was forced to do them) but now he loves all sports. I knew this would come in handy one day.


Stephen Football


Word on the street is that his old man got him into it.



I got banned years ago and bugduv trolled me by making a thread about oasis rarities and b-sides


wrong thread


Blimey. Wait until you find out he’s mad into darts as well.


And he did time for credit card fraud when he was a kid


Probably quite far down the list of crimes he’s committed tbf.

(I’m actually largely fond of Stephen Fry, this was a joke. But some of his choices have been questionable. Those Twinings adverts jesus)


I’ve done plenty of worse things for the money. I’m sure we all have. Just not so publicly.


Not paying your TV Licence isn’t really comparable to credit card fraud bud


Bizarre anyone is. Shit sport :wink:


wait till you find out about Elton John !11!!!

seriously though, the whole way in which the male game is marketed with ultra machismo and not a single out male player in sight makes it in many ways unsurprising that it’s hard for some to reconcile an image of some individuals with an image of the game

football’s image of itself is built on so many prejudices that you need to constantly challenge both your own inbuilt prejudices and FIFA’s


always thought it was weird that david cameron loved footie so much


Or just not bother with it at all.