Bizarre that Stephen Fry likes football


I like to set aside a minute or two each day to challenge FIFA’s prejudices. I feel better for it.


Can we put being in a relationship with the boy (when he was an adult, granted) out of The Magician’s House towards the top of that list? I was obsessed with that show as a child and used to comfort watch it as an adult when ill or depressed but tried watching it after I found that out and it just felt skeevy whenever his voice came on. I mean, whatever, date younger people if you like, but maybe try to avoid people who were child actors in TV shows you were also in?


Remember when he forgot which claret and blue team he supported?


That was a genuine thread!

Once a year i like to have an Oasis b-sides night.

For all their faults they’re legitimately the best b-sides band of all time.


Not paying your TV licence when you’re legally required to do so is one thing. Not paying it because you have no legal obligation to do so because you do not watch BBC channels or any other broadcast television at home is another.


It’s all about image, I reckon. Wanted to be seen as a man of the people to make it easier to fuck us over.



he’s meant to be clever and football is for thickos



Hawking, who may yet win a Nobel prize for noticing that black holes can evaporate, was asked by the Irish bookmaker, Paddy Power, to spend a month looking at England’s World Cup performances and draw some conclusions.



Mindy Kaling is on the board at Swansea


also he supports Norwich, he doesn’t like football


Big chat from a west ham fan


Didn’t work though did it.

Stephen Hawking = thick


guess it depends what you’re brought up with.

Do you think anyone has ever started liking football in adulthood?


Yes, you during the World Cup!


nah that’s different, I don’t really like football I like the world cup


like the world cup would be a lot better if it had al lthe fun characters and nations and a better sport


I’ve had a bit of a renaissance of late. Was well into football as a boy/teenager; maybe went 15 years of not going to a live game, then over the last year I’ve got into going to see our local non league side and really enjoy it.


Watching live football is rubbish. No slow mo. Can’t look away cause something might happen.