Bizarre that Stephen Fry likes football


actually football would just be much better if they made it two 15 minute halves.

Surely then everyone would try harder and it would be more intense and entertaining.

They could lower the ticket prices or play two games in an evening or something instead.


you get more of an eagle’s eye view of the pitch though
also nice to be around other people


tbf I think the OP was more referring to him being a massive posho public schoolboy who’s dead intellectual and that. Not saying that’s any less of a flawed generalisation but it is probably a lot less offensive.


Stephen Fry likes football. So why don’t you watch football?


stephen fry


Apparently he takes great pleasure in watching Galatasary, Besiktas, Bursaspor etc in the Süper Lig


He doesn’t does he? Remember when he got the name of the team he supported wrong in a speech?






I’ve only ever done it from the sidelines but the amount of attention I had to pay was a big shock.



That’s a good thing, obviously. Not checking your phone for 90 mins …




Still sore aye :kissing_heart:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :).



Well Stephen you’ve made your name as a bit of a wheeler and dealer but there’s not been much

No, no. No I’m not a wheeler and dealer no.

Fuck off.

Oh I didn’t mean it like that Stephen! I didn’t mean it like that.

I’ve not made my name by wheeling and dealing. Don’t say that, I’m a fucking football manager!


Yeah I know a couple of Arsenal fans who did. As such they’re pretty level headed about the whole thing and don’t get ridiculously blinkered about it.