Bjork 2022

Playing some ‘orchestral’ dates in the Summer.

Vulnicura Strings is a stunning record in it’s own right so would love to get to one of these. Paris is an outside possibility for me.


The Björkestra, surely?


I like bjork a lot and will continue to listen to her in 2020


Mmm, Helsinki might be viable. Only a 16 hour drive from my house :slight_smile:

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Oh god that’s tempting. Not seen her for nearly a decade.

String arrangements of her works so far is pretty much a greatest hits show… right?

Maybe not hits but at least career spanning which is enough for me.

The Paris venue looks bloody gorge.



It’s in the slightly less sexy big venue next door, unfortunately.

Ah! Still though, looks nicer than a field in Cheshire (no disrespect to the good people of Cheshire)

All disrespect to the people of Cheshire imho, Tories.

Maybe I’m being really dim about this, but is everyone assuming that these are going to be shows that Björk is actually singing at? I’m on her mailing list and I read the email announcing these shows as being about an orchestral concert of her music but not actually her performing.

One of them is bluedot which has bjork billed as headliner.

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They’re listed on her website, I would be pretty surprised if she wasn’t appearing.

I got the email from her mailing list but it is quite carefully worded:

“this week, björk announced 'björk orchestral’

björk’s acoustic string arrangements
of her works so far”

As I say, maybe I’m just being stupid but I assumed it was just an orchestra playing instrumental arrangements

Can’t see her winning enough primaries so late in the game now


Nah, these are definitely live shows with her involved. She’s playing with a local orchestra at each one.

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Well I just booked Paris tickets so let’s hope so eh!

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When you read the detailed description on the website it seems more obvious that she is performing- it’s just the email that was badly worded (or me that was really dense).

These headline shows have just been rebranded bjork-without-bjork, we are very sorry for any inconvenience.


It’s actually Brant Bjork playing with the orchestra.